CrossFit inspired Functional Fitness for Youth, Kids and Teens in Langley & Surrey BC

CAMPUS Youth Fitness Programs are run by certified trainers and include 3 different programs for ages 5-15, catering to all levels of fitness and athletic abilities

LilFIT (Ages 5-8)

  • 45min sessions, focused on fun fitness experiences.
  • Build cardio & endurance using plyo boxes, burpees & running.
  • Fitness basics, play & teaching coachability in the gym

YouthFIT L1 (Ages 8-15)

  • 45min sessions focused on the foundations of fitness.
  • Build conditioning levels & establish good movement patterns.
  • Squatting, Pressing and Pulling progressions.
  • Rowers, Pullup bars, Dumbbells & Kettlebells introduced.

YouthFIT L2 (Ages 8-15)

  • 60 min sessions for young athletes
  • Enhance current conditioning levels & improve athletic performance
  • Strength development programs and Intro to Barbells.
  • Rope Climbs, Olympic Lifting and advanced skill introduction.

Youth Fitness Schedule

The Youth Fitness schedule for CAMPUS Athletics


1 class per week
$28 bi-weekly

2 classes per week
$55 bi-weekly

Unlimited classes
$68 bi-weekly

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